We help you organise your event in our space

Are you a Retreat or Event Organiser looking for that perfect location?

We know how much hard work and forward planning you put in to organise that special Retreat for your guests. However, we want you to arrive, relax, knowing everything is ready for you and your guests.

Alternatively, are you looking for that perfect setting to have a family get together?

Spending time in a beautiful location with family or a large group is always enjoyable. But when you can invite people knowing that everything will be ready for your arrival, means you can also relax and enjoy the get-together!

We have the perfect space for you

We help you organise your event. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are confident that you and your guests will have a great time. Fill in our contact form outlining in brief your ideas. After that, we will contact you and discuss how we can best achieve your wishes. Maybe you would like to visit us in addition to this free no-obligation consultation?