Hi I’m Tony

Welcome to my For the Love of Horses. Most of my working life has been in and around horses. They are beautiful and very intelligent animals. In my career as a jockey, I was very privileged to have been able to travel to many countries, accompanying and riding racing horses. Now I am living in Portugal, I want to share with you my knowledge and love for horses. I want you to come, enjoy and have fun with horses.

Come and enjoy the horses

There are many activities to enjoy and choose from. From beginners to experienced riders, all abilities are welcomed. Because whatever your level of skill, under my guidance you will be able to ride. There is something special about horses. In addition, you can also enjoy our natural surroundings while on horseback.

Fun with Horses

I am passionate for you to discover that there is more to enjoy than just horse riding. Come and take care of Grekus and M&M’s. Help feed, groom, water, and exercise them, enjoy leading them around the paddock. Spending time in their company will boost positive feelings within you and raise your oxytocin levels, the bonding hormone.

I love interacting with the horses. Here is Grekus wearing one of my hats:)

Obstacle Course

I have designed some fun activities that I know you will enjoy experiencing with a horse by your side. Learn to interact and bond with your four-legged friend. Then see if you can weave in and out of the obstacles. Collect a flag and be the first to pass the winning post.

I hope you like my logo. It was drawn by a past guest, a little girl called Daniella, who was staying on-site at Casa do Cabeco and fell in love with the horses. After she went home to Spain, I was delighted to receive this picture of Grekus.

What My Customers are Saying

Our daughters are 4 and 6 and truly enjoyed riding the horses under Tony’s expert guidance. We also appreciated the kind nature of the horses.



Thank you so much for helping me fulfil my dream, riding a horse. It has been the best of everything!! Keep taking care of the horses and you will see us again!!!



My first ride ever was awesome! I had never been on a horse before, but Tony’s expertise made me feel safe and confident from the start.